Cash is always an Option!

About Us

It all started with "why not"?

BCASHY is an innovative payment method that was established by a group of entrepreneurs with a vision of covering all online payments needs.

It is considered to be the first of it's kind, offering a new way of shopping online by allowing your customers to shop online and conveniently pay with cash. 

BCASHY service is expanding to all MENA countries, currently serving Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan, providing access to millions of users.

Since cash is the preferred payment method with a majority of 70% in MENA region, BCASHY's Mission is to provide all online customers with a seamless and convenient way to purchase online. 


Meet The Founders

Ahmad Abu Qaoud


Chief Executive Officer

Nadeem Abdallah


Head of Business Development

Amin Muwafi


Director of Operations